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New Bow Making Book

Bow Making and Repair by John W Stagg

A detailed treatise on the craft of Bow making and repairing.

John says:

"The major content of Bow Making and Repair was drafted as I completed my twenty-fifth year as a bow maker, but the task of bringing it to fruition has taken another decade. My own concerns over the shortcomings of the few existing publications at the time, led me to conclude that there existed a genuine need for a comprehensive handbook of practical bow manufacture and repair. As one of the few remaining Hill-trained bow makers, I hope my book will complement the efforts to create a permanent record acknowledging the role of W. E. Hill & Sons, who devised and developed the English method of bow making. Bow Making and Repair is primarily intended for aspiring bow makers, commercial repairers and those conversant with the subject in general. In addition it will provide a wider audience with an insight into the numerous processes involved in handcrafting a bow from the very beginning, extending to explanations of the complex repairs that are possible."

The book is priced at 60 plus postage.


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